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Bedding Disposal Unit

Scientek soiled bedding disposal unit can be automated to support a tubular drag conveyor for removing waste material through enclosed stainless steel piping to an external dumpster. While power rollers direct cages to be processed by the tunnel washer, a self-contained down draft exhaust extraction system can be incorporated to reduce dust and odor.

Alternately, this unit can be a simple waste receiving hopper for a mobile collection container with or without house exhaust extraction.

Soiled Bedding Waste Disposal - features:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Gravity roller top-infeed
  • Powered roller top-infeed
  • Stainless steel rod grating
  • Spray washdown system
  • Downdraft venting to house exhaust system
  • Self-contained dust extraction c/w filtration
  • Power auger removal system (tubular drag conveyor)
  • Waste Dumpster
  • Portable mobile unit
  • Widths to match tunnel washer belt

Model Selection

  • SABD3660 – Automatic Bedding Disposal System
  • SVBDH – Manual Ventilated Bedding Disposal Hopper
  • SVBDH-CU – Manual Contained Ventilated Bedding Disposal Hopper


PDF Download
BD3660 Technical Information

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