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Bottle Washer and Filler

Bottle Filler
Scientek Bottle Fillers provide uniform water delivery using either manual or automatic controls. Units are designed to accept common bottle basket configuration (24, 25 or 36 position). Custom sizes are also available. All Scientek Bottle Fillers are designed for ease of cleaning, low maintenance, and long life.

Scientek’s exceptional features include:

  • All stainless steel welded construction type 304 #4 polished finish.
  • Easy glide white sanitary poly basket slides.
  • Adjustable height manifold.
  • Uniform volume no-drip nozzles.
  • Swing away manifold access c/w quick water connection.
  • Lower basket storage shelf.
  • Auto models provide adjustable timed water fill and automatic reset c/w electronic solenoid valve operation.

Bottle Washer
Scientek Bottle Washers have been designed to combine greater processing capacity with multi cycle programming options. Choose from a single basket machine with automatic vertical load and unload doors, to a full indexing automated multi-basket loading, washing and unloading module. Whichever system suits your needs, they all come equipped with the reliable Allen Bradley Panel VIEW 600 control, and Scientek’s proven rotary spray washing system to deliver high impinging water pressure to get your products clean.

Scientek’s exceptional features include:

  • Stainless steel conveyor belts.
  • All stainless steel type 304 welded construction.
  • Automatic vertical lift doors c/w viewing window.
  • Multiple programmed cycle selection with user interface controls.
  • Digital temperature control and guarantee.
  • Powerful 7 1/2 HP stainless steel pump and motor.
  • 316 stainless steel steam sump heater.
  • The powerful and effective rotating spray washing arms, together with the versatile cycle
  • programming, make this the winning washing combination
  • Simple touch control user interface
  • Full display cycle status and diagnostics
  • Pre-programmed 6 cycle selection
  • Event, time and temperature displayed


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