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Cage & Bottle Washer

The SW5000 series washers from Scientek make for the perfect fit to your washing criteria. The flexibility and versatility of the interchangeable header system, allows you to process a full range of caging and glassware. The simple yet well-proven design, coupled with 'state of the art' programming makes the Scientek SW5000 series washers the right choice for your facility.

  • The powerful and effective rotating spray washing arms, together with the versatile cycle programming, make this the winning washing combination.
  • Simple touch control user interface
  • Full display cycle status and diagnostics
  • Pre-programmed 10 cycle selection
  • Event, time and temperature displayed
  • Modem connection for factory upgrades

Scientek’s exceptional features include:

  • All stainless steel type 304 welded construction on tank and pipework
  • Sanitary gaskets and bolted mid seam for ease of installation and access
  • Powerful all stainless steel close coupled pump
  • Self cleaning incline debris strainer
  • Guaranteed 1800 F final rinse treatment
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • Safety door hardware and emergency controls
  • Pneumatic control valves standard
  • Drop door loading platform
  • Proven effective overlap rotary spray washing
  • Powerful impinging water pressure sprays ware clean
  • Allen Bradley controls & program hardware
SW 5000 Series – Ware Washing Accessories:
Bottom Rotary Header
(flat deck washing platform)
Spindle Header
(140 position bottle washing)
Transfer Table
(mobile header storage)
Vertical Header
(used between cage racks)
Cage Rack
(two per load with vertical header)
36 Bottle Capacity Basket
(multiple basket options)




PDF Download
SW5000 Technical Information
Smart Controller Brochure

- Simple Touch Screen Control

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