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Cage & Rack Washer

Scientek’s SW6000 Series washers are such an obvious choice, with its simple design. We’ve taken the best and made them better!

  • The SW6000 Series Cage and Rack Washers from Scientek have a simple well proven engineered washer design.
  • The powerful and effective rotating spray washing arms, together with the versatile cycle programming, make this the winning washing combination.

Scientek’s exceptional features include:

  • Internal safety pull cable - emergency stop
  • Friction release - safety door hardware
  • Sanitary gaskets and bolted construction for ease of installation and egress
  • Custom chamber sizes to suit load
  • Direct quick cart washing spray option
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • Built-in steam hot water booster
  • Self-cleaning inline debris strainer
  • Guaranteed 180°F final rinse process
  • Two door front and rear controls
  • Proven effective overlap rotary spray washing
  • Powerful impinging water pressure sprays ware clean
  • Versatile aqua-pulse washing system supplies maximum water to required side
  • Simple touch controls
  • Full display cycle status and diagnostics
  • Pre-programmed 10 cycle selection
  • Colour screen control interface
  • Event, time and temperature displayed
  • Modem connection for factory upgrades
Model #
Interior Cabinet Size
Exterior Cabinet Size
Pump Motor
41”W x 84”H x 80”L
(1042mm x 2134mm x 2032mm)
55 1/2”W x 91”H x 84”L
(1410mm x 2311mm x 2134mm)
7.5 Hp
48”W x 88”H x 90”L
(1219mm x 2235mm x 2286mm)
62 3/4”W x 95”H x 96”L
(1594mm x 2413mm x 2438mm)
10 Hp
48”W x 88”H x 128”L
(1219mm x 2235mm x 3251mm)
62 3/4”W x 95”H x 132”L
(1594mm x 2413mm x 3353mm)
15 Hp
68 1/2”W x 88”H x 128”L
(1740mm x 2235mm x 3251mm)
83 1/4”W x 95”H x 132”L
(2115mm x 2413mm x 3353mm)
20 Hp
48”W x 88”H x 188”L
(1219mm x 2235mm x 4775mm)
62 3/4”W x 95”H x 192”L
(1594mm x 2413mm x 4877mm)
20 Hp




PDF Download
SW6000 Technical Information
Smart Controller Brochure

- Easy access system

- Proven Overlap Rotary Spray

Simple Touch Screen Control

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