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BioCare Services

IVC for mice

The Airlaw Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC) for scientific breeding and management of small animals

The Airlaw animal isolator cage (The cage) is designed to house breeding families of small rodents for laboratory use.

  1. The cage has been designed by Airlaw specifically to meet a high standard of isolation together with an improved air quality environment for the animals.
  2. The cage has two changeable filter systems, the outlet set higher than the inlet for thermal "pumping" of air, filter medium can be supplied in various pore sizes. The standard filter is 50-micron non-woven polyester. (99.9%at 10 micron)
  3. The lid to base fit is secured by the rack making clips etc unnecessary and creates a seal that is a reliable barrier to the ingress of pathogens.
  4. The feed grid can be accessed without removing the cage lid making feeding and water supply easier.
  5. The water bottle is included in the cage.
  6. Each box can be removed from the rack by simply sliding the box forward. The plenum has a flap seal to close off the vacated location.
  7. A hide and an enrichment artifact are included in the box.
  8. The polymer parts, that is the lid the base work tray, enrichment artifacts and the filter supports, are made from high heat polycarbonate co-polymer allowing autoclaving at 135 Deg C (typical time at this temp. is 12 minutes) for a minimum of 100 cycles. Other lower cost grades of polycarbonate are available on special request for the lids but these grades can only be washed at 95 Deg C, not autoclaved. Alternative materials namely Polyether-sulphone cages are also available;
  9. The cage is supplied as a complete system with rear ventilation columns and a mobile base. A standard rack is double sided with 90 cages a side, a total of 180 cages.
  10. All components made from Bayer Apec are guaranteed for 5 years.


The polymer used is a high temperature Bayer Apec Polycarbonatecapable of being autoclaved at 135 Deg C for 12 minutes for a minimum of 100 times. For washing use detergents and other chemicals at recommended concentrations. Polycarbonate is degraded in time with exposure to strong alkalies. This includes animal urine, which must be washed away before autoclaving. An alternative material offered is BASF Polyether-Sulphone capable of even higher temperatures and with improved chemical resistance.

CAGE DIMENSIONS                    
(159 mm wide) (422 mm long) (165 mm high in rack) (internal 130mm high).

FLOOR AREA                                  
373 Sq Cm; 427 Sq Cm at 20 mm from base.

FEEDING GRID/RACK                       
Made from Stainless steel.

Made from Bayer Apec high heat polycarbonate.

FILTER MEDIUM                              
Non-woven Polyester                      50 micron.
Other paper filter media can be used with smaller pore sizes but cage airflow may be compromised.

The rack and cage system utilises building air extraction to supply the required negative pressure and airflow. a Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR) valve is fitted to each Rack so that no on site adjustment is necessary.

Airlaw IVC Systems

IVC Mice Cage

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