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BioCare Services

IVC for Rats



The polymer used is a high temperature Polyether sulphonecapable of being autoclaved at 135 Deg C for 12 minutes for a minimum of 100 times. For washing use detergents and other chemicals at recommended concentrations. all caging polymers are degraded in time with exposure to strong alkalies. This includes animal urine, which must be washed away before autoclaving.

CAGE DIMENSIONS                       
(309 mm wide) (617 mm long) (284 mm high inside cage)

FLOOR AREA                                   
2,137 Sq Cm

FEEDING GRID/RACK                    
Made from Stainless steel.

FILTER SUPPORTS                        
Made from Polyether Sulphone.

FILTER MEDIUM                
Non-woven Polyester                50 micron.




Laboratory Services
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