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TCOL isolators are able to design and manufacture a wide range of flexible film containment isolators, as well as offering a range of standard sized systems; we also offer bespoke designed systems to meet your exact requirements.

Ergonomics, health & safety and containment regulations are key issues which are addressed in our design processes as well as your precise usage requirements. Although primarily flexible film isolators are used in rodent research, TCOL can also offer isolators for the containment of many other species, ranging from mice to humans.

Isolators can be designed to utilise the use of cages from all suppliers. Isolator sizes can range from 4 cage mouse isolators to 200 cage isolators, from specialist surgical procedure isolators to transportation isolators, from flexible film isolators to rigid acrylic isolators.

TCOL isolator can operate on negative or positive pressure up to and including (A)BSL-3 containment levels.

Laboratory Services
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