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isolatorsTCOL based in Oxfordshire, England was established in 2006 by Mark Watkins who has some 27 year experience and knowledge of flexible film isolator containment. He and his experienced team provide customers with a professional personal service which our customers expect and deserve.

TCOL offer a wide range of products and services to suit our customers every need, we understand in today’s research that we need to be flexible in providing quality products and services to our customers, we therefore offer bespoke designed isolator systems and associated products to suit individual research requirements.

TCOL is proactive in developing new products to enhance the capabilities and use of isolator containment systems, we take great pride in knowing that we can design and provide a product that will assist you in your valuable research work.

TCOL offers the complete professional service which starts with bespoke designed concepts to the full installation and validation of the systems.
Laboratory Services
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