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Our work in the hospital and research field became more focused in the early 1980's with the introduction of the Scientek brand name to the North American and European markets. We continued to add to our product range throughout the 1980's by building operating room fixtures such as scrub sinks, warming cabinets, instrument cabinets, O.R. carts, storage consoles, writing desks and pass through cabinets. All of these items are built using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Our company now offers a complete line of washers and dryers for the processing of surgical instruments and utensils, O. R. carts, and laboratory glassware. We also build a series of cabinet washers, tunnel washers and rack washers to thoroughly clean and sanitize animal cages and water bottles in research facilities. Our long history and continuing effort to add to and improve on our product range makes us one of the most well respected firms in our field. Scientek's reputation is spreading throughout the world as a provider to leading facilities in the healthcare and research industry.

Should you choose Scientek equipment, we know that your facility will be pleased with the high quality, thoughtful design and durability, which our products provide. Once again, thank you for your interest; all of us at Scientek look forward to helping you in the future.




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