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Tunnel Washer / Dryer

The SW2500 Series is engineered to easily exceed the rigorous demands of the modern laboratory both for heavy duty volume and quality of cleaning. This streamlined series is set apart by ingenuity, meticulous design, painstaking attention to detail and simplicity of operation, and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Simple touch controls
  • Full display cycle status and diagnostic
  • Pre-programmed 7 cycle selection
  • Colour screen control interface
  • Event, time and temperature display
  • Modem connection for factory upgrades
  • Built-in temperature rinse guarantee
    • will not process load if below 180˚ set point
  • 50 Event alarm record
  • 4 Temperature setpoints

Scientek’s exceptional features include:

  • Two powerful separate 7 1/2 HP pump motors
    • deliver high impinging pressure to both wash and rinse sections
  • Readily removable upper and lower spray jet manifolds
    • just push to connect, or pull to remove
  • Hydraulic hold-down of product
    • high pressure water spray allows for unobstructed chamber
  • No gaps or protrusions inside chambers
    • passage of product is unrestricted
  • Top-mounted stainless steel circulatory pipework and valves
    • placement provides convenience for simple adjustments and servicing
  • Easily-accessible clean-out drawer screens
    • no panels to remove for access
  • Waffle style stainless steel perforated screen baskets
    • higher capacity allows for less frequent cleaning
  • Two lift-out screen baskets per drawer section
    • easy removal of baskets
  • 316 Stainless steel steam coils
    • serviceable through drawer aperture
  • Fully insulated construction
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel removable body panels
  • Adjustable belt speed and clutch drive system
  • Heavy duty stainless steel flat wire belt
  • Built in safety stops
    • auto shut-off when chamber is accessed during cycle
  • Type 304 stainless steel fabrication
    • designed for durability and long life
  • Continuously welded seams
    • creates an integral watertight unit
  • Modular operating work sections
    • sectional splits allow for convenient on-site installation, where continuous welding creates integrated construction
  • Slim machine profile
  • Upper and lower float switches
    • constantly monitor sump water control
  • Self-skimming sump with full width weir-style overflow
    • floating solids are removed by overflow and replenished with fresh hot water
  • Full height interior chamber curtains
    • minimized water carryover





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SW2500 Technical Information
Smart Controller Brochure

- Simple Touch Screen Control

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