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Ventilating Necropsy Table

Researchers, Technicians, Medical Professonals and Safety Officers have all become more aware of the harmful effect of chemicals such as formalin, alcohol and sylene in a variety of settings - especially in pathology, necropsy, histology and reproductive toxicology laboratories. In today's climates of stricter regulatory standards, users are more committed to limiting their exposure to potential health hazards.

Scientek offer a complete line of standard and custom designed Down Draft and Back Draft Necropsy Tables and Stations to meet every application. They are manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen using the finest material and components. Each model is thoughtfully designed to offer a perfect combination of form and function. Our attention to detail is reflected by the incorporation of the latest innovation in ergonomics from the "Height Adjustment" feature to suit each individual user, to Iocating accessories such as sink, faucets, spray hoses & nozzles, eye wash unit, gas & air cocks, electrical outlets, computer & data ports, control and switches within easy and comfortable reach of the user.

Each Scientek model features our uniquely engineered air extraction system that has earned Scientek the reputation of being a leader in this field. Total and perfectly balanced air flow covers the entire work surface of each unit, providing an uncompromising level of safety that meets all the AAALAC, OSHA and ASHRAE standards.




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