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  • Lab Feed
    Lab Animal
    Scientifically formulated diets for most laboratory animal species
  • Formulations for special needs such as transgenic or unusual species
  • Feed produced in amounts to suit your specific requirements
  • Irradiated, Autoclavable and ‘Prion free’ diets
  • Good range of packaging types and sizes
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Cold store service
  • Extended chemical analysis available for all diets

Quality is assured when you choose BeeKay. Raw materials for all our diets are purchased only from approved suppliers. Products are formulated in our state-of-the-art, ISO9002 – accredited manufacturing facility, with computer-controlled weighing and mixing. We maintain the highest levels of hygiene maintained throughout the plant and rigorous monitoring ensures batch-to-batch consistency. Our quality-assured service also includes full traceability of every pack.

And of course, every product we supply is backed by B&K’s renowned technical support which includes expert advice on storage and treatment of diets, practical feeding and the design of suitable diets for your experimental protocol.

Expanded Diet
Rat & Mouse Expanded (PDF) 18% protein, 22mm shperes (approx) BK001E
Low Protein Rodent Diet (PDF) 15% protein BK015E
Transgenic Rodent Diet 24% protein, High vit supplimentation BK021E
Guinea Pig Breeder (PDF) Contains protected Vitamin C BK006E
Rabbit Maintenance 16% protein, 12% fibre BK005E
Dog (PDF) High palatability BK007E
Puppy 24% animal protein - small pellets BK008E
Carnivore (PDF) 22mm spheres (approx) BK009E
Universal Primate Diet (PDF) High Palatability and digestibility BK020E
Minipig Diet For breeding and experimental use BK022E
Rat & Mouse Expanded - Forage Size 18% protein, 5mm spheres (approx) BK040E

Forage Diet
Forage Mix Mix of cereals, dried fruits and seeds 10kg bag
Nuts and seeds can be supplied seperately. For example, peanuts, raisins, sunflower, pumpkin and poppy seeds.

Pelleted Diet
Rat & Mouse (PDF) 18% protein BK001P
Rat & Mouse Autoclaveble (PDF) 21% protein, added vitamins BK004P
Guinea Pig Breeder Contains protected Vitamin C BK006P
Rabbit Maintenance (PDF) 13% protein, 13% fibre BK005P
Rabbit Breeder 18% protein BK012P

Specialist Diet
Rat & Mouse Pelleted with Flubenol*  
Rat & Mouse Irridiated Pelleted with Flubenol*  
Please note that veterinary prescriptions are required for purchase of this product. Powdered ground diet product is available.

Irradiated Diet
Rat & Mouse Expanded Poly-lined paper outer 12.5kg bag
Rat & Mouse Expanded Double vacuum packed, bubble wrapped and boxed 2x3kg box
Rat & Mouse Pelleted Poly-lined paper outer 12.5kg bag
Rat & Mouse Pelleted Double vacuum packed, bubble wrapped and boxed 2x5kg box
Transgenic Rodent Expanded (PDF) Poly-lined, paper outer 12.5kg bag
Transgenic Rodent Expanded Double vacuum packed, bubble wrapped and boxed 2x3kg box

Goods are irradiated at 25kGy. Double exposure can be performed on request.

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