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DOGS : Bkl:Beagle - Beagle

  • Closed colony
  • Established 1973
  • Friendly and regularly handled
  • Canine vaccination program in operation
  • Prophylactic treatment regime
  • Socialisation/bespoke training
  • Dogs are supplied with records including parentage, vaccination regimes, prophylactic regimes, treatments and veterinary inspections.

    Cancellation Policy
    Any orders of dogs cancelled within 2 months of the agreed delivery date will be subject
    to a cancellation fee equivalent to the full cost of the order.

    Dogs can be transported singly in purpose designed transport boxes. However, experience has shown that the B&K Beagle prefers to travel in social groups. B&K can provide a trained technician to accompany the dogs at extra cost.

    For air transport, B&K Universal Ltd are required to meet IATA obligations which require animals to be boxed.


    Laboratory Services
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