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Age   Male   Female
200-249g    GPFBM1    GPFBF1 
250-299g    GPFBM2    GPFBF2 
300-349g    GPFBM3    GPFBF3 
350-399g    GPFBM4    GPFBF4 
400-449g    GPFBM5    GPFBF5 
450-499g    GPFBM6    GPFBF6 
500-599g    GPFBM7    GPFBF7 
600-699g    GPFBM8    GPFBF8 
700g+    GPFBM9    GPFBF9 
Untimed Pregnant    -   GPFBF10 
Retired Breeders    GPFBM10    GPFBF11 
GUINEA PIG : BKl: DH - Dunkin Hartley

• Albino model
• Pirbright strain
• Average litter: 5

Age   Male   Female
Up to 1.9kg    RABCM1    RABCF1 
2.0 - 2.4kg    RABCM2    RABCF2 
2.5 - 2.9kg    RABCM3    RABCF3 
3.0 - 3.4kg    RABCM4    RABCF4 
3.5 - 3.9kg    RABCM5    RABCF5 
Retired Breeders    RABCM6    RABCF6 

RABBITS : SPF New Zealand White

• Established from Froxfield Farms in 1997
• Rederived in 1999, maintained as a closed SPF colony since.
• Routinely Screened
• Negative for: Coccidia
                          Pasteurella multocida
                          Encephalitozoon cuniculi
                          Other common rabbit pathogens
• Due to breeding location rabbits are subject to an additional delivery surcharge

Laboratory Services
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