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Weight   Male   Female
Up to 59g    HAMM1    HAMF1 
60-79g    HAMM2    HAMF2 
80-99g    HAMM3    HAMF3 
100-120g    HAMM4    HAMF4 
Untimed Pregnant    -   HAMF5 
Time-Mated    -   -
Retired Breeders    HAMM6    HAMF6 
HAMSTER : Syrian Gold (Outbred)

• Golden coat colour<br />
• Active and energetic<br />
• Average litter: 7

Age   Male   Female
5-6 weeks    GERM1    GERF1 
6-7 weeks    GERM2    GERF2 
7-8 weeks    GERM3    GERF3 
8 weeks +    GERM4    GERF4 
Untimed Pregnant    -   GERF5 
Retired Breeders    GERM5    GERF6 
Time-Mated    -   -

GERBILS : Mongolian

• Agouti colouring
• Prone to epileptiform seizures
• Average litter: 5


Laboratory Services
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