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Age   Male   Female
21-27 days   BALM1   BALF1
28-34 days   BALM2   BALF2
35-41 days   BALM3   BALF3
42-55 days   BALM4   BALF4
56-69 days   BALM5   BALF5
70-84 days   BALM6   BALF6
Untimed Pregnant       BALF8
Lactating female with litter       BALF9
Retired Breeders   BALM7   BALF10
Pedigree Pair   BALPAIR

• Albino model
• Average litter: 6
• Adult male shows aggressive tendencies
• Inbred since 1933

Age   Male   Female
21-27 days   C57B6M1   C57B6F1
28-34 days   C57B6M2   C57B6F2
35-41 days   C57B6M3   C57B6F3
42-55 days   C57B6M4   C57B6F4
56-69 days   C57B6M5   C57B6F5
70-84 days   C57B6M6   C57B6F6
Untimed Pregnant       C57B6F7
Time-Mated       C57B6F8
Lactating female with litter       C57B6F9
Retired Breeders   C57B6M7   C57B6F10
Pedigree Pair   C57B6PAIR

• Black model
• Average litter: 6
• Commonly used as a control with our transgenic models

Age   Male   Female
21-27 days   CBAM1   CBAF1
28-34 days   CBAM2   CBAF2
35-41 days   CBAM3   CBAF3
42-55 days   CBAM4   CBAF4
56-69 days   CBAM5   CBAF5
70-84 days   CBAM6   CBAF6
Untimed Pregnant       CBAF7
Time-Mated       CBAF8
Lactating female with litter       CBAF9
Retired Breeders   CBAM7   CBAF10
Pedigree Pair   CBAPAIR

• Agouti model
• Average litter: 5
• High incidence of mammary tumours in older breeders

Age   Male   Female
21-27 days   129M1   129F1
28-34 days   129M2   129F2
35-41 days   129M3   129F3
42-55 days   129M4   129F4
56-69 days   129M5   129F5
70-84 days   129M6   129F6
Untimed Pregnant       129F7
Time-Mated       129F8
Lactating female with litter       129F9
Retired Breeders   129M7   129F10
Pedigree Pair   129PAIR
INBRED MICE : 129/SvEvBrd/Bkl

• Agouti model
• Average litter: 5
• Commonly used as control for transgenic models

Laboratory Services
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