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Weight   Male   Female
Up to 59g    DAM1    DAF1 
60-79g    DAM2    DAF2 
80-99g    DAM3    DAF3 
100-124g    DAM4    DAF4 
125-149g    DAM5    DAF5 
150-174g    DAM6    DAF6 
175-199g    DAM7    DAF7 
200-224g    DAM8    DAF8 
225-249g    DAM9    DAF9 
250+    DAM10    DAF10 
Untimed Pregnant    -   DAF15 
Time-Mated    -   DAF14 
Lactating female with litter    -   DAF11 
Proven Breeders    DAM11    DAF12 
Retired Breeders    DAM12    DAF13 
INBRED RATS : DA:Bkl - Dark Agouti

• Good breeder
• Average litter: 6
• Poor mothering qualities
• Very active

Laboratory Services
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