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Altromin Diet

As an ISO certified company with more than 50 years of Experience we offer you standardized nutritional solutions and individual special diets. 

Since 1999, Altromin has been consistently certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, currently according to the latest DIN EN ISO 9001/2015. Our HACCP concept also guarantees the quality and safety of our products.

BioCOB Bedding

BioCOB is dedicated in bringing you the best laboratory animal bedding that uses the finest corncob to produce a premium product. With stringent factory processes and quality control, only the best corn cob will reach your laboratory.
Tapvei Bedding
Since 1982TAPVEI® has been producing the highest quality bedding, nesting material and environmental enrichments for laboratory animals. TAPVEI is a quality-driven company, providing controlled laboratory environments for your animal research.